Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Faith In Humanity

A few blog posts ago, I offered to give away templates designed by me. A few brave bloggers took me up on the offer, two are complete, one is still being tweaked. I haven't felt this sense of accomplishment in a long time. It was nice to do something for someone else just for the fun of it. My payment request was simply "Pay it Forward". My husband is astounded by the whole thing. I have my friends who live in this box called a computer, and I have friends in real life. It's a win-win situation if you ask me. My box friends are just as important as my inner circle real life friends. Where else could someone who suffers from bouts of social anxiety, be free to be themselves than those two groups? So short and sweet, I would make that offer again, it has been wonderful getting to know the real people behind the blogs. I learned alot and am totally blown away.


meno said...

If you feel like it, you should post links to the blogs you have designed. I'd love to see them all.

thailandchani said...

And what an awesome gift it is! (Mine is one of the blogs she designed, folks :)

I agree. It is a great feeling, just to do things for the sheer heck of it, just because it feels good to do it.




TTQ said...

On my blogoversary I will post all the blogs I have worked on. And you guys can vote for your favorites. I might even make a button for the winner to put on their blog..just a thought. said...

oh damn!!! I was to slow/slack to email you to help me with my blog... oh well.... Looking forward to seeing the results...