Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Purpose Of Dogs Is What??

My dogs have been a handlful today. They locked me out of the door we use as a front door, the real front door is bolted and keyed lock, but we don't have a key and the bar was across the door. The back door may or may not have been locked, that is the door they use to go outside to the fenced in yard and I open and shut it many times a day and night. So the door we use is a sliding glass door, they managed to roll the steel pipe into the track which is what we use at night to keep unwanted people out. During the day, the rod is left out. With the rod in place the door will open maybe 22 inches, so I turned to one side and decided to try to slip and shimmy in after dropping my grocery bags. The dogs are watching me...I get my right hip and right shoulder in and start to twist, my boob does not want to fit I gonna get stuck midway through? That would be I manage to flatten my boob (painfully) enough to get one through, then my shirt gets hung up on something..great one boob, one hip and one shoulder in and I'm hung up by my shirt. I still have to get my left boob in and I'm home free. One...Two....Three...

suck, squeeze, and shimmy! I'm in!

I'm starving and I fed the dogs before I went shopping so I decided to make a salad then go empty the dishwasher. I finish with my salad , and somehow manage to step on the small food bowl..and get this! It slids under my foot like a skateboard and I'm riding it..with one leg firmly stuck on the kitchen floor. Great, I'm gonna break a friggin leg, dammit. I managed to grab onto the counter before going down and avert any unneccessary trips to the ER. Okay that's it the dogs are going out before I empty the dishwasher, I just can't handle them being under my feet anymore...out they go..wait..only one will go...Doberman out, Beagle in. Screw it, the Beagle is just going to curl up in his bed and be good. I finish with the dishes and sit down to check e-mails and blogs..doberman is fine, I can hear his collar and tags jingling as he plays outside. Until..he starts barking, apparently nobody is allowed to walk in front of our house even if it's across the street, the barking isn't too bad yet..ok now it's a bit much..and the Beagle decides he should bark..he hardly ever barks, thank god. Have you ever heard a Beagle bay? He stands in front of his bed and starts baying, that is loud , my chair is two feet away from him. The only way to get him to stop is to make the other one stop, so the Dobie's outside time is cut short since he is making a racket and as long as he keeps barking the Beagle will too, and I really do like my neighbors.... Honey isn't coming home from work till 6, Honey usually gets home at 3:30. Great these guys are all mine for another hour. Luckily the Beagle has gone back to bed and the Doberman is somewhere being quiet, which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I'm gonna let it ride and see what happens.

Every Beagle has a distincive bay, and they love to SING. My beagle sings in bed when getting his ears scratched or his belly scratched.


meno said...

Our beagle used to sing when i played the clarinet. Probably to cover the noise.

I'm getting lots of compliments because of you. Thank you again.

Cyd said...

Buffy used to bay, too, until Bruegel joined our family. Then he started barking like a German Shepherd. I think he had an identity crisis.

Cathy (S's cousin) started a new blog -- on animal welfare. She's gone vegetarian. You non-meat eaters should stick together. I'm going semi-veggie in sympathy with you.

Cat said...

Sam (my terrier mutt) stood up and started looking around when he heard the video! Tee hee!

Andie said...

heee. I can totally picture your beagle singing while you scratch his belly! (or her belly?) not sure.

Scruffy just sings for the hell of it. It's so cute.