Thursday, April 09, 2009

Well Oh Yee Haw

My doberman has stink breath, it doesn't help that his head is level with my head when I sit in my 'puter chair. He keeps trying to get a kiss on the lips or his nose. I wonder if Honey would notice if I used his toothbrush to brush Zeus's teeth. He shares his Popsicles with Fletch and Zeus. Babyfred being the delicate and graceful cat she is, gives kisses only on command, that's my baby!

I'm freezing, would it be silly to heat the entire house by turning the heat on? Honey would just turn the a/c on when he gets home. Then after his shower and before my bath I turn the whole thing off. (it's 72 outside and 73.9 inside)

It's a paperwork day which means I don't really tidy up on those days, however I feel guilty today because I got done at 12:00, except for refiling the stuff I pulled from the files. IRS lady was pretty cool, didn't get anywhere but all the same. The other people at various offices were annoyed, but helpful in the end.

I could go get my bloodwork done but I've already downed enough caffeine to win a horse race.

Actually, I'm really sort of bored. I shopped all day yesterday
Zeus wants to eat NOW! Fletch and Babyfred are in their office beds pretending to sleep, which means Fletch isn't ready to eat. Baby gets a kibbles dish kept full, her treats come when Honey gets home. He feeds her real people tuna AND canned food. Oh and kitty treats. How in the hell does she stay so tiny?
Great, now one of them has gas. The office is too small for that kinda stuff.
Mom left her computer on and her cats are walking all over her desk, keyboard and mouse. She keeps going idle, then she's back, then she's idle..


Cyd said...

Good to hear from you again. We really should talk soon!

Anonymous said...

Well I agree but I contemplate the brief should have more info then it has.