Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Being at home day after day fucks with your head. I ventured out yesterday and am paying the price for it today, I guess that's what happens when they pull all your insides out through your va-jay-jay and stick crap in your in belly button to slice and dice. The good news, no big ugly scars. If this doesn't work out like we planned, I am going to be so pissed at having a hysterectomy at 34.

My big Sister ordered a talking stuffed animal over the internet where she got to record in her own voice her message. I love that thing, it's so soft , just the right size and you can squeeze it hard and smile when it still is chipper.


soapy t said...

i want my lady parts out. let me know if you start growing man hair. i was always afraid of that.

kim said...

my best friend had it done and she is, years later, still very happy with the results. I think she kept and ovary so she didn't have to do hormone replacement, not sure. Anyway, pain wise -- she says all has been great and pain free since the surgery.

kim said...

BTW-- sorry you are feeling so crappy.healing vibes)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Smileygirl said...

You are soooo sweet to offer to make a happy package but I don't want you to go to any trouble, especially since you are still healing! When I read this post the first time I thought you were going to have a hysterectomy but now I read it again and I realize you already had it! Wow. I hope you are going to be feeling better soon. It really sucks having to deal with all the crap that comes along with being female. It seems there are a lot of women in our boat right now with these cysts, tumors, endo crap and I have to wonder why that is. It's becoming all too common and it's really a shame.

You mentioned you were going to post your email address in one of my posts but I don't have my comments linked to my email so I won't know where to find it. I have a temp email set up at but I have been soooo bad at checking it. Since moving I haven't activated a new email address with our internet provider and to be honest, I'm loving that. Very liberating not having to check it everyday! But I do have a pic I want to send to you. It's a car with the license plate TTQ and when I saw it I snapped a pic for you with my cell phone!

Hope you're feeling well and please take care of yourself and no need to worry about a happy package for me.

Rest up and stay warm and toasty.


Smileygirl said...

Oh and I forgot to mention I did color my hair a darker blonde. Still getting used to it but I'm relieved I didn't go black! As for shaving the legs...maybe next week.

Cyd said...

Glad you liked the plushie. I figured that it would be good to have something to hug (I know you have the hubby and the dogs and the kitties, but this one you can hug all day long and it doesn't need to be fed or watered or go to work or be let outside). Hope you are feeling better.