Monday, November 10, 2008

Cereal Swap

I switched to Captin Crunch with berries, wonder what color it putrifies into. It's got to be better than the Fruit Loops.


Smileygirl said...

I'm catching up on blogs and realized you had your surgery! How are you doing? Were you also told to take Lupron for 6 months? I decided not to do it, and if you know the drug I'm sure you can understand why, but now I'm afraid my endo is already back. It was really severe and yours sounded pretty bad too so I'm curious what treatment options you are considering.

btw, thanks to you I decided not to color my hair black. When you said that you weren't able to dye it back to a lighter color and had to literally cut it out, that did it for me. So I thank you for that! I actually ended up going with a darker blonde and it's better but still getting used to it.

Hope you're feeling better each day.

TTQ said...

I haven't started the drug therapy yet, but I don't think we are going with Lupron. The drug he would like to use, you take until you are ready for menopause like in 20 years.. I tried another one and it didn't do shit, it was suppose to start my cycle again but it didn't so all that stuff was just growing and strangling and growing cysts.

We did the total hysterectomy because of other health issues that make child bearing very risky.
And I couldn't take the pain anymore.

Glad you didn't dye your hair black..if I knew then what I know now...

soapy t said...

that shit is good you. i love it so much i want to sit on the capin's face.

Cyd said...

You always post pictures but I just want to say thank you that these last two posts were not illustrated.