Sunday, November 09, 2008


1) If you eat nothing but fruit loops and bagels for a week (maybe more) your poo WILL turn NEON green.

2) If you throw up during this time, you will spew this neon Nickelodeon goo as well.

3) If everybody in the house gets insomnia it will feed off the other's energy. NOBODY WILL SLEEP.

4) It's been 3 weeks since my surgery, I'm not cleared for driving, sex, baths, vacumming. Recovery time is 4-6 weeks. I'm still bleeding somewhat and I'm still in pain. Next appt is the 19th. I'm hoping to get an ok to swim since we will be on a cruise in two weeks.

5) Going with Honey to the Pharmacy is a big deal, they have other crap you can buy while waiting. Going to the grocery store is not fun with Honey, he keeps checking to make sure I don't walk into a display of creamed corn or knock over the watermelons. I may be a tad stoned but I walk slowly and carefully, just like on cops.

6) I think my Big Sister has turned into a Secret Service Agent. Seriously. I'm going to have Honey kidnap her on the cruise and we can interrogate her in our cabin. That will be fun.

7) My 18 year old neice added me as a friend on facebook. Her boyfriend is hot. I'm not even going to spill what I've learned so far. Which is nothing more than what any 18 year old does.

8) If you build it they WILL come.

9) Why we bother to have a home phone anymore is beyond me. We actually pay the phone company just so telemarketers, political parties and phone charities can call US!

10) I have to go lay down again, I'm going to spew neon green again if I don't.


Swishy said...

No more spewing neon green! I guess at least if you're gonna spew, it's a cool color. I hope you're feeling better!

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

Thanks for the update about neon output. I want to test that theory. Hope your recovery is going well.

And I definitely have a crush on my 19 yr old's boyfriend and I'm not ashamed!! LoL.

Andie said...

feel better. Lots better.