Friday, June 19, 2009

I Had A Friend Or So I thought

I shall call this post "Pity Party"

All week I've been outta sorts. Starting on Monday with lunch with some other ladies. I got emotional and (cough) a friend who said "I'll drive over to your house and we can chat" Chatting consisted of her asking me if I thought about checking into the hospital. I said "I spend enough time there". She says "Not that Hospital, the Psych Hospital" now I feel like I've just peed myself and everybody can see it but only one person comes to your rescue. and that person loves to kick a person when they are down. I said I'm doing as well as can be expected. So all evening I'm breaking out in tears in my bubble bath instead of reading. She was also kind enough to say you look like hell, you do not look like your are doing well. Seriously. Are you fucking kidding me? Why would someone lay that on somebody who is apparently a little fragile. Or should I say touchy? I'm not very thick skinned but I like to think I am but really I'm not. I shouldn't have to be, I thought I knew who my friends are. But I was wrong.

My other friends and family don't do that. They offer comfort and good wishes and sit in hospital waiting rooms. The nexy day was going to be busy,I had an appointment to see a Neurologist in the morning and the Transplant Center had a MRI scheduled for 5:30. Which was a complete waste of time, they tried to scan me but apparently the implanted valve in my liver

was warping the pics. That's why you have to take all the metal out of your clothes or go in gown.

whatever..I dumped it, it's over. thought about then tried to block everything she said, and now I offer it up you guys as a Friday surprise


meno said...

Might be time to have one less "friend."

I'm sorry.

You don't look like hell from what i can see. :)

Swishy said...

That does not sound like a very nice friend!!! I'm sorry. Surround yourself with people who are good to you and screw the rest of 'em.

Andie said...


soapy t said...

i break up with people all the time. life is too short to not like your friends.