Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wonky Eyes, Mullets and Jersey Girls

Why do all the girls on NYC Prep have wonky eyes? Is it a tribute to Paris Hilton's lazy eye that resulted from a bad plastic surgery? My beagle has a wonky eye, it's great he can watch the door and your dinner plate at the exact same time even though one's left and the other is right. When photographed, I have shown up with a squinty right eye, like I'm raising one eyebrow and staring you down. In any case NYC Prep is no match for Gossip Girl . Having exhausted all my options on my DVR, I have to find something on TV. I have seen all the hot shows of last Fall. I let my netflix lapse when I switched bank accounts. Big Mistake.

Are mullets coming back? I was in the village and noticed a guy I had seen around had cut his hair. I was actually changing my perspective UNTIL his back was too me and his hair was pulled to one side and over his shoulder. Clearly because he was proud of his mullet he had adapted to show his off from the back and the front. Hannah Montana you are to blame, bringing daddy back in the spotlight. Even worse, girls with mullets. And does big hair count as a mullet on steroids? If so call me guilty.

With my big hair it could be assumed that I was a Jersey Girl too. My BF in High School was/is Jersey Girl (WORSE: We lived in the Boca Raton Area). Speaking of Jersey Girls..more addictive television.. The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Is Danielle really as naughty as they painted her? I love when Teresa flips the table and flips out screaming obscenities at Danielle...classic. Hair pulling bitches in heat. I can't wait to get my hands on "A Cop Without a Badge", the NY Post has pretty much covered everything, but I want to read the book myself. My take on the book without reading it... It was a planned stunt to promote the book which her ex-husband wrote, and he isn't paying her alimony (or her settlement) so she probably is not suing for slander, and instead goes straight to the neck and gets the royalties for the book and probably a nice chunk of change for the whole deal (book and TV show). Tonight is part 2 of finale, which means Honey and I can watch reruns that we haven't seen this summer.

P.S. To be fair I'm posting my Senior picture (big hair and wonky eye on display)....


meno said...

OMG! I love the Wall O'Bangs in that picture.

Imagining all the teasing and hairspray that went into that style makes me tired.

cyd said...

Personally, I'm mourning Farrah Fawcett and her awesome hair.

soapy t said...

AMAZING. i sued to measure my bangs. they were not allowed to be more than 4/12 inches off my head. i don't think you had that rule.

TTQ said...

Meno- It also called for a curling iron which was sprayed on the hair around the iron.

Cyd- She had wings now she can fly with the best of them.

Soapy- There are other picture's with even higher hair before I mastered this one.

And to be fair this picture was the last time I styled it like that. My hair got too long and I let it grow in and wore it straight ala Christina Applegate
I should post that picture kinda a before and after.

Grace Matthews said...

Holy Shitsky!!! I have a photo of myself that looks just like that. Those were the long as you had a hairdryer and hairspray you could do anything :)

Anonymous said...

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