Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Oh no he didn't

He increased the one of psych drugs that are suppose to help me NOT HAVING as many anxiety attacks. It did the exact opposite. Add that to high ammonia levels. Real freaking fun train as any train at Disney world.
Now I have been able to listen and type again YaY!

Now lets hope the new transplant medicine jive with the bucket of pills I take daily.

I would try to type and I couldn't finish a sentance or how to spell.... And that pissed me off, because I knew I could spell but weird words were popping out and onto the blog. So I gave it a rest on blogging.


Frannie Farmer said...

I have been thinking of you - quite often! And hope that you are doing ok!!!!
Hugs to you,

soapy t said...

I'll have what you're having. MMMMMMMMMMM pills.

kim said...

Crap and double crap. Hang in there, I'm so sorry you are going through this and I'm thinking of you and well wishing in your direction.