Friday, June 20, 2008

We Have a Winner!

Steph was correct in guessing a bridge! I've thought of driving off a bridge kinda Thelma and Louise style, and I scraped a car on the side of a bridge but I've never actually HIT a bridge.

The police car. Yup. Thought I was hitting the brakes, but it was the gas. No damage done and no witnesses. I was mortified, and sat cowering in my cubicle all day waiting for the cops to come in and arrest me.

The gas pump. Yes. Can you say KA-BOOM! It's like a small mushroom cloud, they have since changed the design of gas pumps. I was 15, I never wanted to drive again. My mother made me. Sue her for my shitty driving (Kidding Mom! Cyd, not a word about that last statement)

Several parked cars. Seriously, who hasn't? One in particular was a sewage maintenance truck, which happened this week prompting my questions. The fuckers were hogging the road and had nobody flagging traffic. No tickets issued.

The concrete utility pole? I fought the pole and the pole won. Thanksgiving Day 1995, the police offered to drive me to the dinner I was invited to. My family were all over the place that year, none of us together.


meno said...

Hitting a police car has got to be one of the worst things to hit.

I would have cowered too.

kimberlie said...

too funny!!

Cyd said...

I missed your contest because it didn't have a title and didn't show up in the RSS feed. I remember that gas pump incident. And didn't you have to pay to replace that pole? No wait, that was our other sister.

Check out

Frannie Farmer said...

The more I learn about you, the more I wonder if we are actually sisters. I can't tell you how many things I have hit. But amazingly, I have a fairly clean driving record.

steph said...

haha! I'm glad that none of those resulted in any injury. hitting the pole and the police car are hilarious, and thnk go the gas pump didn't explode into a million flames. good stories!

kim said...

Does gas pump trump train?

Tell me again, did the pump blow right away? Or did you hit it, then run and then it blew?

...and Lizzie will braid your hair, she's good.

soapy t said...

as my father would say. way to hum. way to fire.