Monday, June 16, 2008

If It Weren't For The Animals

Our office would look just like two cubicles. Fletch Beagle being the oldest has is his OWN cubicle in the closet, all pimped out , and when he wants a change (or wants more peace, he goes into his "new addition", the part of the closet that is pretty unreachable since the doors aren't made to open that way. Poor baby we had him on valium for awhile. He tries to skirt around the other two and seriuosly, I think he may he may be rooting for the cat, since she doesn't chase him around.

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Smileygirl said...

I can't find your email address but I'll tell you that the procedure was really a piece of cake. I haven't had the other ones you mentioned (colo and endo) but this one was so simple and the recovery is just sleeping the day of the surgery a lot. I feel really good. Probably because I suffered INTENSE pain each month so maybe a few minor cramps here and there seem like nothing to me. That's really all it is, is a few cramps and I was VERY tired the day of the surgery when I came home but that's from the anesthesia. I really think you'll be amazed at how it goes. The incisions are so small too. And I was in surgery for an hour because there was A TON of tissue that needed to be removed so I would have thought it would be more painful due to that but it hasn't been at all. I hope you have the same experience!