Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dead at 50

Dies in LA at 3:15pm Pacific Time.

Wonky Eyes, Mullets and Jersey Girls

Why do all the girls on NYC Prep have wonky eyes? Is it a tribute to Paris Hilton's lazy eye that resulted from a bad plastic surgery? My beagle has a wonky eye, it's great he can watch the door and your dinner plate at the exact same time even though one's left and the other is right. When photographed, I have shown up with a squinty right eye, like I'm raising one eyebrow and staring you down. In any case NYC Prep is no match for Gossip Girl . Having exhausted all my options on my DVR, I have to find something on TV. I have seen all the hot shows of last Fall. I let my netflix lapse when I switched bank accounts. Big Mistake.

Are mullets coming back? I was in the village and noticed a guy I had seen around had cut his hair. I was actually changing my perspective UNTIL his back was too me and his hair was pulled to one side and over his shoulder. Clearly because he was proud of his mullet he had adapted to show his off from the back and the front. Hannah Montana you are to blame, bringing daddy back in the spotlight. Even worse, girls with mullets. And does big hair count as a mullet on steroids? If so call me guilty.

With my big hair it could be assumed that I was a Jersey Girl too. My BF in High School was/is Jersey Girl (WORSE: We lived in the Boca Raton Area). Speaking of Jersey Girls..more addictive television.. The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Is Danielle really as naughty as they painted her? I love when Teresa flips the table and flips out screaming obscenities at Danielle...classic. Hair pulling bitches in heat. I can't wait to get my hands on "A Cop Without a Badge", the NY Post has pretty much covered everything, but I want to read the book myself. My take on the book without reading it... It was a planned stunt to promote the book which her ex-husband wrote, and he isn't paying her alimony (or her settlement) so she probably is not suing for slander, and instead goes straight to the neck and gets the royalties for the book and probably a nice chunk of change for the whole deal (book and TV show). Tonight is part 2 of finale, which means Honey and I can watch reruns that we haven't seen this summer.

P.S. To be fair I'm posting my Senior picture (big hair and wonky eye on display)....

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Had A Friend Or So I thought

I shall call this post "Pity Party"

All week I've been outta sorts. Starting on Monday with lunch with some other ladies. I got emotional and (cough) a friend who said "I'll drive over to your house and we can chat" Chatting consisted of her asking me if I thought about checking into the hospital. I said "I spend enough time there". She says "Not that Hospital, the Psych Hospital" now I feel like I've just peed myself and everybody can see it but only one person comes to your rescue. and that person loves to kick a person when they are down. I said I'm doing as well as can be expected. So all evening I'm breaking out in tears in my bubble bath instead of reading. She was also kind enough to say you look like hell, you do not look like your are doing well. Seriously. Are you fucking kidding me? Why would someone lay that on somebody who is apparently a little fragile. Or should I say touchy? I'm not very thick skinned but I like to think I am but really I'm not. I shouldn't have to be, I thought I knew who my friends are. But I was wrong.

My other friends and family don't do that. They offer comfort and good wishes and sit in hospital waiting rooms. The nexy day was going to be busy,I had an appointment to see a Neurologist in the morning and the Transplant Center had a MRI scheduled for 5:30. Which was a complete waste of time, they tried to scan me but apparently the implanted valve in my liver

was warping the pics. That's why you have to take all the metal out of your clothes or go in gown.

whatever..I dumped it, it's over. thought about then tried to block everything she said, and now I offer it up you guys as a Friday surprise