Saturday, May 23, 2009

what are they going do, bring me a cake?

And today, i just don't give shit.

The best part was asking for the papers to release myself against medical advice. Only the the Dr's had released me already! The nurse had the clip board ready for my signature, 5 hours earlier. Fucker.

My original room was in a different ward that they had closed sometime while I was floating on morphine to a SHARED ROOM with 1 TV and a crack ho in the other bed. Thankfully Mom walked in and Honey followed five mins later. Mom was appalled, Honey was furious. The third iv infiltrated my right hand. I told them it was going looked like a latex glove filled air and then some. and i couldn't stop crying. So to prevent me from being a TTQ they kept me drugged, thank god I took my jewelry off and gave it to mom. I also was crying and said No DNR. I GIVE. I GIVE FUCKING UP.


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kim said...

Don't give up.
and five hours earlier? Fucker, for sure.