Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nun Too Late

This may come as a shock but deep inside I have kinda always wished I had become a nun. You know take an oath of silence, live simply and peacefully. The convents I saw in Greece were just so beautiful and calm. I would want to be the candle lighter. And another thing..nuns don't have bad hair days.


Swishy said...

The best part is your labels ... HA HA HA.

.Nicotine.Queen. said...

I am so there with ya, sister.
I need some peace of mind in my life.

kim said...

That first bug eyed one has a bunch of choas in the background -- I don't think she's really from a convent.


soapy t said...

they also don't have to worry about their outfits and feel unattractive when not getting laid.