Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apparently I'm a girl version of Clark Griswald

So my lack of blogging is still slacking. I can't blame facebook, I just check in a couple of times a day. Basically I'm in a mental lull and shaking off the last hospital visit where I just about got my ass confined to a mental facility. Good job huh? Once the tox screen came out clean and a nice Dr came and talked to me, I was let out in a few hours. The only danger I had put myself in was a Christmas tree slide down and pin me on the floor. The more I tried to get out, the harder it made it to get out. Kinda funny in a way, cept for the ambulance but my leg was so banged up and mangeld I was sure it was broken. They gave me a private room with a 24 hour nurse to babysit me, Seriously. 8 hour shifts. Just hanging there watching, one had a PDA, I kinda wanted to bribe her.

So I'm on the down low if you know what I mean, keeping a low profile so my whole RL social circle is pretty much in the dark. Blogging friends, I know you won't blab it all over facebook.