Saturday, August 22, 2009

For Myself

For My Mom

She says "Does it make you happy?" Yes, it does, Mom it does. She rides the little waves with me somehow holding my hand.

For My Ever Loving Husband

A rock for me to cling to


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hell On Wheels

Hell on Wheelchairs I mean. This is so not what I wanted for our annual cruise. What part of Resort Wear fit it. Still Thinking? Yeah me too, so I didn't bring the wheelchair shopping. So vain and so unhappy, despite the 10 lbs I dropped in two weeks. Not good. I suggested the wheelchair (yes, we own one) for Mom. She suggested it for me. Honey is soooo need of a vacation, and it being hurricane season, he's suggest Mom and I go alone. Two suites. Two people. He's worried about our house and our animals.Hence we may be a party for two, not three, *so sad*

As for my lack of blogging, I was in the hospital again 8 LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGG days my gyno confirmed the hospital does have wi-fi! He's about two years older than me is totally about being connected. I had made it a mission to ask every doc,nurse, supervisor etc hence the gyno.