Friday, January 30, 2009

Cheeseburgers and Cupcakes!

We ate them in that order from a lovely little Bistro and a cutesy pie cuppycake store! In our soto whisper to each other "We have 6 cupcakes!" and "We have cheesecake!" I'm surprised we didn't hold hands and start skipping. Mom and I took a lovely little road trip up to St. Augustine and stayed at a lovely little HUGE Word Famous Golf Hall of Fame resort. No, I did not bring my clubs ( I really really suck and she can't do upper body exercise yet)We had cable with all the HBOs, we had sweets, we had books. It was cold but we shopped anyway. Mom is doing so much better, she cat naps without meaning too, but she's still recovering so it was to be expected. I did all the driving (EGADS!). We had no pressure to do any of the touristy historics sites, we've done them before and they are only 2 hours away when I drive. We just shopped and ate, twice at the Martini Bar Bistro (No martinis for us) great food though. Then we found an awesome Tapas resteraunt but we got full after sharing three. That was sad they all sounded so good. I found a local cigar maker and brought Honey home some plus we bought him new clothes, pecans and pecan candies among other junk. He was glad to have his girls home, he had to work and had to stay home. :-(

Tommorow Honey and I are taking a tiny road trip to Orlando to stock up on more cigars. I figure we can have a nice lunch before we have to be home at 3:00 pm to feed the kids. I'm also going to find (wish me luck!) Mom a watch that looks like the one I just bought while we were in St. Augustine, she is wishing she had got one for herself. Or maybe I should just give her mine, I already told she can borrow it whenever she wants..

Glad to be home, missed my internet, missed my kids, really really missed Honey although he called us a zillion times a day. Fun dinner on Sunday with Mom and Honey planned!!! Yay! Food and laughter!

It's like a belated Christmas since she was released the day before Christmas and nobody bothered to put trees up at either house, we were all a mess. No presents or usual customs, but the sun is here again!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Me Likey!!

Especially endearing if you have ever been hit with Dissociative Identity Disorder or know or deal with one. Good Times! Good Times! Now watch the 1st episode, I so nicely posted..Drum Roll Please! THE UNITED STATES OF TARA! by Showtime


To all my fellow blog friends who have jumped ship to facebook, I understand the time saving it allows you. But now we never get to really HEAR you. Like what the world is going on in that crazy little head of yours stewing and itching to be typed all day? Or sometimes just firing up a blank post and typing with no direction at all? I have a Myspace place, I have a Facebook place, Yep Flickr got it covered, Hi5 been there too. I'm sure I'm missing a few social networking places I belong to. But my Blog will always be my baby. Yes, I'm in love with my blog. Not because it's great or anything like that, but because it is a secret extension of me. Bloggers know me on Facebook but Facebook friends don't know the blogger in me. Facebook is for IRLF people. Blogging is where my ass hangs over the side of the ship in full view. Does that make any sense? So in part, those of you have chosen Facebook over Blogger, I'm sad. It shouldn't even be allowed. RIP abandoned blogs. Rest in peace.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My roots are showing

A post or so ago, I mentioned I was ready to slit my wrists. I do hope most of you caught my sarcasm. My oldest Sister reads my blog and is sworn to secrecy on ALOT of my life, and she knew I wasn't really suicidal. Just dramatic. I even have my suburban handcuffs still on, you know the wrist draped with gold bracelets that my husband has given me. I would have had to take them off. Mom is outta the woods and not stir crazy yet. I have her car keys and car. No driving for 30 days after the surgery. She is staying alone at night a bit, I went home Sat for a date with my husband and I'm still at home. Monday I'll be headed back over there to do a few things and stay the night and she has Dr's appt Tuesday morning and I get to pick up Big Sis at the airport, she's come to help for three days. I'll be at home again and if everything stays good, I won't need to spend the night anymore. My husband and I will each make a trip a day to check on her and get her lists of things she wants and needs. She better watch it and be nice or I'll throw her ass in a nursing home...just kidding. I swear kidding. I couldn't do that to her.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Mother May I?

I have a mother, I have a husband.

I have a husband, I have a mother

My mother is sick, My husband is lonely.

My heart is torn, I can't be in two places at one time.

I love my home. I love my mother's home.

I love my pets, my pets love me. They are sad when the night case comes out ready to be filled for my next stint at Moms. Where I will sleep alone and wake every few hours to pop in on mom.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Mom went back into the hospital yesterday. Her pacemaker and her heart rate were beating and pumping very fast, her home nurse called the Dr, who said bring her to ER, we will be waiting for her. So there was that, no waiting in the ER. However her insurance policy with one company ended on 12/31 and the new one picked up on 1/01. But they took her back right away and shoved the clipboard at me. I figure that they will unravel all that by oh say August..

So my mini vacay staying at home with Honey will be cut short, seeing how we have jumped backed to square one. We were going to let her stay alone at night if all went well when middle sister was here. Middle sister is leaving tomorrow and depending on when they let Mom out of the hospital, I go back to mom's. Just in time for my bday. Good Times, Good Times.

Mom said she felt and still feels good. I asked the guy attending her in the ER from the Cardiac Unit, what would have happened if the home nurse hadn't noticed her heart rate being very elevated. More like what if home nursing care was over and mom had no symptoms. He said her heart would have gotten very very tired...

I did see our GP (mom, honey and I all go to the same guy) outside of my Mom's room, and it reminded me that I have to take care of me too. So I made the appointment that I have been meaning to make forever... Hopefully he can do something about the chronic pain. Until then he will probably give me pain pills, Isn't that going to be fun?