Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Party Animals

My middle sister and her husband arrived last night, which was good because I was getting ready to slash my wrists .Rememember Mom is the real TTQ. I've made it seem so cute, but it really isn't funny when it's for real. I expect and then accept while she demands.It's all fun and games till somebody gets hurt and I'm not laughing. So she's on duty with mom.
We went to dinner at Mom's where my BIL made a great dinner of fresh grouper. I had alligator at lunch with sis and husband out where airboats are launched. I got to sleep in my own bed last night and now I'm home again with Honey who is drawing me a nice bubble bath. Those are the only bubbles we will see tonight.
The fireworks have started and we are going through my meds to see what we can give to our doberman, he does not like fireworks. Xanax and Seroquel? Maybe an Ambien? Our beagle gets scripts for valium and predisone and that knocks him out. We just want him to sleep while I watch tv and Honey snores next to me. Yep Real Party animals.

Oh and Happy Freaking New Year.

Monday, December 22, 2008


When you gonna make up your mind
When you gonna love you as much as I do
When you gonna make up your mind
Cause things are gonna change so fast
All the white horses are still in bed
I tell you that I'll always want you near
You say that things change my dear

Hair is grey
And the fires are burning
So many dreams
On the shelf
You say I wanted you to be proud of me
I always wanted that myself

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holy Fricking Mackerel!

BabyFred! Not Amused Either. In fact, she was whispering "My Mommy Is A Whack Job" to the boys..

This shit is hard.... Pacemaker Monday, Home on Tuesday. The freaking vacuums suck (no pun intended). I can't get the cat hair up with the Roomba or the upright. She's going up the stairs on her own volition Tuesday. My head hurts. She told me to make the decisions for everything today, see what being in the hospital for weeks will do to you??? It makes you crazy. Why else would she ask that of me???

If you find a penny in your own house is it good luck? Or does it have to be a street.

Friday, December 19, 2008

This IS Christmas To Me.

Yes, I post this every year. It makes me smile and I watch it over and over.No trees this year. Today marks two weeks that Mom is in the Hospital. I should be wrapping shit right now. Usually I take great pride in my wrapping abilities, this year, it's just kinda sad. I don't even want anything this year, I've been hiding the credit and atm cards at night when I go to sleep, that way Honey can't order shit online

Monday, December 15, 2008

Is This A Dream?

It's not a dream, it's life.
So mom went through a battery of procedures and ended up having open heart surgery to repair the mitral valve on Friday. She's in what they said would be her worst days. She even asked me why she had the surgery, I told her the same reason I've had all my surgeries. When the surgeon called me and explained it to me, I specifically said if she is OK with it and he thought she had good odds, then I was OK with it. We spent most of the day of her surgery waiting around the hospital because we were told she would go in around 10:00, so we grabbed a bite to eat then headed over there. Turns out they didn't take her in till about two (according to her) and it would be about a 4-6 hour procedure. My oldest sister flew in and rented a car and sat with us at the hospital which gave honey some time off and he brought us back smoothies. It was past 9 when we left the hospital. I've been living on Diet Rock Star Energy Drinks and smoothies. Big sis treated me to lunch the next day even though we couldn't find the restaurant I wanted to try until after we ate.
We are hoping she will be home by Friday, which will be two weeks she has been in the hospital. I'll be staying at her house 24/7 for awhile but will have my laptop or just use her PC or laptop.
I almost had a good post I was composing in my head while I was driving, my power of observation is coming back from tunnel vision. For now, I'm just blogging for me.

I always told her even as a little girl I would take care of her when she got older, I intend on keeping my word. Luckily Honey and her adore each other and he is committed to taking care of both of us. Big job. We are both stubborn and independent . She is starting to come around and accept the fact she does need help. We are still in some negotiations regarding getting her home, some of the other stuff she has agreed to.

I miss IM'ing with her every night. I left her computer on after I took care of some financial stuff she wanted printed. Her kitties like to play with the mouse and she goes idle, then she is no longer idle. Plus Honey can leave messages on her IM for me since you can't have cellphones on her unit, and I turn mine off and forget to turn it back on....
Hopefully she is sound asleep and medicated by now, she had a rough night last night. Tomorrow I will try and look a little less frazzled for her.... the last thing she needs to worry about is me.
Sweet dreams Mommy, I miss you! Please be home for Christmas! That's all I want. Well that and maybe some botox.. I've got the bitch line between my eyes going on again..hopefully it will go away when things calm down.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh What Fun!

Mom is perking back up, they are still going to take a looksie in her heart tomorrow with a tiny cam. They were suppose to do it today but her heart rate was too fast and she is still too congested. This morning I brought her a balloon bouquet tied to a teddy bears arm. This afternoon when I went back she had lots of flowers delivered to her and she was happy, but bored. She had one coughing fit that made me want to get the nurse, but she caught her breath and we just sat for awhile. Then she said she was bored again. I told her all about the auction they were having in the lobby, lots and lots of themed Christmas Trees set up on banquet tables. Oh so pretty! I wanted to see if they would let me take her down in a wheelchair to the lobby to see them. The nurse said no, she can't leave the ward. Remember when I was in the hospital and I wandered down to the lobby, the old biddy candy striper called the ward and security. This is where I get it from.

The upside is the nurse said we could stroll the ward. I practically skipped back to her room, where we brushed her hair (She had some funky bed head going on) and made sure she was all covered up. And off we went, peering into rooms as we walked along. Then we get to an intersection of hallways and they had the silver domes that have the cameras in them for security, mom looks up and says look at the fancy mirror dome! Mom, that's a security camera. She looks up and get a bratty grin and starts waving at the people watching the camera in some little security room. On the way back to her room I notice a sign that says "Behavioral Health" with an arrow pointing down her hallway. Mom! They moved you to "Behavioral Health!". She stops walks back to the sign then looks down her hallway towards her room. "Just kidding Mom, It's around the corner"

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Back In The Day....

In my twenties I would have totally worn this dress and those shoes and looked good in it. Now that I'm going to be hitting 35 (oh shit I'm going to faint) I think it is best to leave these for my sister's pretty pretty daughter EJ. Oh and she totally knows how to shoot a gun. RRRARR! Dangerous!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Confession Time

I'm not really a Temper Tantrum Queen, I'm mearly a Princess. The real Queen, Queen E is my mom. Today she went into the hospital, and I'm sad. She is a proud and private person, so this was very hard on her. Her independence and health are very important to her. When I arrived at the ER she was trying to put her shoes on and go home. She was in the ER from 5:30am till 2:30 pm. And she hadn't slept all night. They finally got her into a room before she escaped.

I'm sure she is going to be fine. She has to be. I still need her.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

Two days ago I was ready to stay on the cruise ship for another month or so. A week just wasn't long enough, but now that I am home, I'm happy. So happy that I am going to share with you my secret love. Awhile back I said I don't get crushes on actors or Doctors, well I proved myself wrong. I dunno, maybe it was the handful of assorted psych drugs sprinkled with lortab and xanax, but I found myself falling in love with this guy. Hugh Laurie. Not so much Hugh Laurie, but rather his scruffy , mean spirited, sarcastic and crippled portrayal of Dr. House. It's Hugh Laurie as Doctor House that I love.