Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fuckity! Duckity! Duck!

The longer I get out of the habit of blogging everyday it's hard to get back into the momentum. Today was a maelstrom of Dr's appts that had been perfectly scheduled last week which were promptly canceled upon Tropical Faye's arrival ,This town and most of the county closed Tuesday, Wed, Thur,AND Freaking Fri . Wow! What a tough back to school week. Class for one day to find your desk, your pencils can't possibly sharpened yet ...

So back to my dilemma rescheduling my Dr's appts, I did not wake up on the right side of the bed and promptly got a panic attack. I did hit the gas instead of the brake. And yes kids, I was not hopped up on pain pills or even xanax.

Yeah so healing fine, a bit slow but healing the glue is starting to really peel now, like the ones directly over the biggest incision. The tumor of course was not cancerous yay! I just have Endometriosis and a few cysts rambling around. So the talk turned to options, drugs that give you a partial menopause, drugs that send you straight to menopause w/o passing go. And of course total hysterectomy at 34. Now we have to put every card on the table, we have discussed it over and over, but it's sink or swim time. I just need to jump off the diving board and make a decision. It's not life threating (to me) it just extinghuisis the last match of the baby book matches

So then I made him tell me what everything on my pictures (they are in color) is. What I thought was a belly button, turned out to be a piece of my uterus on the outside (snipped off). Just in case you are keeping score It looks like somewhere somebody turned parts of my uterus inside out and put it back in the closet Hence the dense endometriois which was removed but will go grow back without relief if I don't choose what's behind door Number 1, Door Number 2, Or Door Number 3. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doe RAY Me..

Fa saw latte dough. It's raining, first storm for us this year. Miss Faye isn't very windy but she sure is soggy so far, she made a turn straight for the Cape. Wheee!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Still healing, can't sit at my desk on my PC for very long. Even the laptop laying on the couch is uncomfortable. I'm trying to wean myself down on the pain drugs, but I may have started too early. Oww. Can't wait to pick up the cd of the surgery, I really want to share my tumour with you. It's like a perfect egg. My Gi yesterday started talking about my galstone again, I think he was bummed that the ob/gyn got take something out and he hasn't. I now have three belly buttons, what's a fourth. Oh and I want to rip the surgical glue off the incisions, but they said it would come off on it's own...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

In which I have become a lurker

the surgery went well, a tumour was removed and some endometrios. Haven't heard what was in the tumour but I'm sure I'll hear something sooner rather than later if it's dangerous. I've been reading your blogs, but my typing sucks with a drug addled mind. I have the hard copy if the pictures, but I'm hoping to get the cd so I can post the gory details. Howvever I'm still haven't been cleared to drive yet. Honey is taking awesome care of me. So that's that. More later, I'm going to crawl back onto the couch and slip under warm dryer warmed blankies.