Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Girl's Weekend

Mom and I took a brief mini vacation over to the west coast of Florida. Tampa is about 2 and half hours away and an easy drive. We ate the historic Columbia Resteraunt for lunch, hung out by the pool and went to Landry's for dinner. The rest of the evening was spent reading and watching tv in our comfy room at The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay. Nothing too exciting just a weekend jaunt. We are both pretty proud of the fact that we didn't go shopping and buy stuff we really don't need. In fact I actually got to wear a pair of shoes I bought a month ago but still hadn't worn. Regular posts should resume shortly......

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Rinpa Eshidan- Room

CastNoiz-Davi: Artistic Direction, 2D ArtDaisuke Yamamoto: Artistic Direction, 2D ArtD.H.Rosen: 3D ArtAkari Sasai : 3D ArtXola: Set Building, 2D Art

Let your ears do the talkin'

How cute are these little earbud covers?

"Frisky" Emotibuds
Charms for iPod earphones. Flexible vinyl charms grip onto classic iPod earbuds as well as second-generation earbuds with included inserts. They also fit many third-party earphones.


Internet Hostility- Coming to a site near yours

Let's see in my daily wanderings I found out that there is a small feud over at Pretty* In the City. Here is a small excerpt from Karyn describing her response to some "Hate Mail"

UPDATE: Even though I said I wasn't going to waste my time replying to his
email, I did waste my time Googling him.The "sae" in his email made me think he
was a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity guy, so I Googled his name and sae together
and found out that he was one at Rochester Institute of
.His full name is Christopher Martin Jacques and he lives in West
Henrietta, New York. My sole purpose in posting this is to let any potential
employers (who may Google him) know what a nice person he is, you know, seeing
as though he wants my face to burn off and all.

That amused me for a good 20 mins.

I jumped on over to a news site that reports the quirks and found this:

After John Anderson called him a nerd, Russell Navares took a leave of absence from the Navy, drove from Virginia to Waco and then set fire to Anderson's trailer home. That showed him!

Man burns house over Chat Room Insult

I'll leave all this goodness for you all to digest, and it should take your minds off of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton , Nicole Ritchie and Britney Spears for awhile.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Netflix loves me, they really do!!

This was a gem in my inbox this morning. Blockbuster are you giving away free movies over the pc?:

Dear TTQ,

Great news! We're lowering the price of your 3 DVDs out at-a-time plan to $16.99 a month plus applicable taxes. Now you can enjoy Netflix for less!

You don't need to do a thing - except pay less. Your membership will automatically move to the lower price and be reflected in your Membership Terms and Details. The lower price will take effect beginning with your statement on or after July 23, 2007.

Your $16.99 plan not only gives you 3 DVDs out at-a-time but you can also watch 17 hours of movies and TV episodes instantly on your PC each month - for no additional charge.


*** I did not know I could watch free crap! Of course the Sopranos aren't on the play instantly list, but I'm sure I find 17 hours of something to view.
Your friends at Netflix

Beyonce Bounce!!

And another thing that happened..

Oopsie! Beyonce took a fall during her show last night in Orlando:

From the Florida Today:

July 25, 2007

Beyonce falls during Orlando concert

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Home video shot at Tuesday night's Beyonce concert in
Orlando captured the music superstar stepping on her trench coat and then
tumbling head-first down 12 steps at the Amway Arena. The video of the fall
released despite Beyonce's request during the show that fans in the
crowd not
post the video on YouTube.An Orlando woman at the concert, who did
not want to
be identified, offered the video to WKMG-TV early today. She
said Beyonce fell
on her face."We saw that she was pumping her hair around
and really into with
her trench coat and high heels and as she proceeded to
come down the stairs, she
tripped on her coat and it seems like she fell on
her collarbone and face,
sliding down about 12 stairs," the woman
said.Another fan told entertainment
site that the singer
was bleeding after the fall.Video showed
Beyonce getting up after the fall
and continuing to dance.The singer's request
not to post the video of the
fall on YouTube came at the end of her show Tuesday

Poor Beyonce, I'm going to see if her wishes were respected and the fall was
not put on Youtube.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nothin ever happens here until..

We got a call from the Police Station telling us to stay in our homes..half the subdivision is outside and most of the roads are cut off from traffic. Our lazy cul-de-sac hasn't seen traffic like this in a long time..

Situation in Rockledge closes roadway


Rockledge police and other law enforcement agencies have responded to a Bowing Lane residence and were trying to establish contact with a woman who lived there.

Neighbors told police that she had been arguing with them and appeared to be disoriented. Police fear for her safety.

She might possibly be hallucinating, said Rockledge Public Information Officer Donna Seyferth, and there were reports that she had a gun.

Levitt Parkway in Rockledge is closed to traffic because of the situation.

****The above picture is the model for our home "The Eastwood"****

It's kinda Pre-Brady Bunch, on the large view I found on the web, I swear there is a tee-pee in the sketch, in the upper right hand corner about where the canal goes through our backyard.

Snarks and Spoofs a Summer Time Must

So I skipped a few days blogging and I must say that it was time well spent on reading this book:

Secrets of the Model Dorm by Amanda Kerlin and Phil O.

Snarky, back stabbing, funny and often just gross. Metamucil Martini anyone?

And watching: Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It
which made me giggle out loud next to a sleeping Honey. It was one of those shows you are sad when it is over because she was so damn funny. I'm going to Tivo the next airing.

Monday, July 23 @ 9/8c

Who says the bottom of the Hollywood barrel can't be outrageously wild and downright hilarious? In true "D-List" fashion, Kathy serves as her own series lead-in when Bravo debuts her fifth stand-up special in which she takes comedic aim at everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Ann Coulter.
View schedule

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Dating In A New Era

Guy meets girl in the bar:

Guy says "Where's your place?"

Girl says "Why, you gonna come over for a visit? Don't you have your own place?"

Guy says: "Oh come on, don't be coy like that, I really want to get to know you"

Girls says: "You want my MySpace address or my Blog address"?

Guy says: "Both"

Girl says "You have to choose, it's the only way I'll give it to you"

Guy says "Then I want your Blog address"

Girl says "Good choice it's"

Guy says "I'll leave you a comment or two, I use the name "GuyinBar"

Girl says "Thanks for the drink"

New gadget needed

Okay, so I open up my in box this morning and I have this message from my favorite lurker (Hi!).

Now I know you guys don't have the time for reading the joke that was attached, you probably have an inbox full of them as it is. But the link above is a problem solver for all my lost items. One problem do I keep from misplacing the base? If anything isn't glued or nailed down, essentially it is going to end up in my hand and me wandering off aimlessley and putting it down when something shiny catches me eye. It's just the way I am programmed. This base has a magnetic mounting bracket, so technically I could stick it on the fridge. However, won't you need to carry it around the house as you look for the item which is now flashing and beeping?

And once you found the object you will have now replaced it with your finder. Of course you won't remember where that was, because if you had, the object in question wouldn't have been lost in the first place.

Friday, July 20, 2007

OH NO!!!!

Remember when I "lost" my ipod? Now I seem to have "lost" my camera. It's not on my desk, where it usually resides for random shots of well basically me , honey and the animals. It's not in my purse the second most likely place. I even carry spare batteries in a lipstick holder, I would show you how smart I am for figuring out how handy that turned out to be, but I've lost my camera, remember? Granted I haven't left my chair and I vaguely remember playing with it in the living room taking shots of old jewelry. Even if it is the living room, I am still going to rant about it, because I shouldn't have to go hunt it down. I swear I am getting early Alzheimer's..

Thursday, July 19, 2007

When lightning Strikes

I just wrote a long sucky post, and then deleted it. It had to be the most boring whiny post that I have ever written. Even I couldn't stand reading it, and I wrote the damn thing. Long story short:

I saw lightning strike something today. It was pretty cool. It rained here hard all afternoon. I had to make the trip to Orlando for a Doctor's visit, 100 miles round trip. At 45 mph and 5 feet visibility.

That is all.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


"Life isn't like a bowl of cherries or peaches, it's more like a jar of Jalapenos--what you do today, might burn you tomorrow...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Inbox from Hell

E-mail titles have been getting to me lately, they all just seem so strange , or in the case just downright cruel

From: Hotwire Deals
Subject: Central Florida Hot Fare Alert for TTQ

Duh Hotwire, I know it's hot and you are slashing your prices for deals here..why? Because even the natives can't stand this heat anymore. I'd pass out before going on Space Mountain because it's too hot, too sunny and people are cranky. Trust me, I'm not the only cranky one.

Too hot to think, too hot to blog

It's too hot to breathe, It's too hot to go outside. It's sucking the life out of us, Honey is hiding in the dark bedroom napping with the dogs. I'm watching the rain clouds roll in, as soon as it rains the heat will be washed away until tomorrow.

Tomorrow when I go to my car, it will be like opening a furnace. You can actually see the heat come out, the same with driving on the asphalt of the straight flat roads, it appears that there are pools of water on the road.The car steering wheel singes your hands when you first get into your car. The metal piece on the seat belt is too hot to touch and will actually cause to snap your hand away like you had touched a burner. Stopping to get a slurpee which melts in 5 mins is the high point of the day.

This is the perfect weather to spend all day in a cold, dark movie theater. I've never been one to pay for one movie and then sneak into another one right after, but I am tempted now. A stop at Target to load my purse up with the good gummy bears and maybe some Snow Caps because just the name Snow Caps sound good, like an Icee. Anything to get out of this heat, even the pool is not an option, the sun is brutal no clouds, I would burn in about 5 mins flat.

At least the a/c is working now, it hasn't clicked off in ages, it's struggling to keep the house a cool 77. But the new motor is up to the job.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hot Hot Hot

It's only July..we still have the rest of July, Aug, and Sept & Oct. This was yesterday's temps out on our patio and in our den, today it reads 91.2 outside and 84.4 inside..the a/c is trying to cool the house down but it is too muggy. Thankfully, thunder is booming and it's starting to drizzel here and there in spots. Big Black Clouds are coming. Yay! Please Please Please cool off the house. The bedroom is the coolest I have three layers of window coverings on the windows so the sun doesn't actually heat up the ....

Update: Honey came home and I sai8d it sure is hot today, he checked the outside unit of the a/c it's not running. The inside air handler is and is blowing air it's just not cold air...

A/C Broken? Or on strike? Please send good thoughts for our a/c unit so we can limp through the weekend and get a guy out on Monday.

Who's Your Daddy?

"Is it possible you may have a knocked somebody up?" I ask Honey out of the blue.

"No, I never let mines escape blah, blah, blah, blah" He was on a roll of funny ways to say how he couldn't be the baby's daddy.

"Hmm weird, there is this guy in my book study that looks just like you when you were probably his age" I tell him.

"Baby, I'm telling you none of that junk ever got loose" he says.

"Okay, I believe you" But that's actually not the point of me starting this conversation.

"Well how old is he?"

I say "Early to mid 20's, so feasibly he could be yours if you were 16 and not careful."

"Hmmm, I know he is not mine"

So Honey was a virgin at 16, good to know, he got married at 18 or something crazy like that and she lives around here somewhere, I don't really care where. For some reason his past relationships mean squat to me. But if she had been pregnant somebody would have told me, his older sisters are great like that. They give me so much teasing ammo, and that is great for times like when he shaves off an eyebrow.

"That's not the point of this whole conversation though, the point is I can't even look at him because he looks so much like you." That makes it hard when he is speaking, cause I just want to stare at him and see exactly what it is that makes him look so much like a younger Honey.

I can't just stare at him, what if he thinks I'm interested? Or does he just thinks I'm some quiet kook who stares rudely at people.

If I had had a baby at 16, the baby would be 17 now, almost an adult. I still get carded for cigarettes! You only have to be 18 to buy them. My mind can't comprehend what my life would have been like if I had been a pregnant teenager and spent the last 17 years of my life raising a child. Weird.

I wonder if Honey is thinking the same thoughts today about what if he had had a baby at 16. Probably not.
As a babeless house we have the luxury of time to ponder such things.. but I'm sure ouir ideas are so totally different. I'd bet ten to one he's thinking about how to work the gun show into his weekend so he can sell his deceased father's handguns. And why the hell his father had them in the first place.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fake Bake Not To Be Confused With Shake and Bake

Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears and others go to self-tanning salons where their tan is sprayed on. For those of you that wish to achieve that techno colored orange glow, Here is Fake Bake! Look how sexy the girl on the bottle is! And the bottle so subtly reminds us of an old surfboard. You can get this where, you ask?


Fake Bake

Or you can do as one crazy canuck lurker (Hey You! What Doin!) who suns himself on his balcony year round, and it gets damn cold up there in Calgary.. I swear when he comes to Florida he looks like a native beach bum. I do not, Nuff said.

Puchi Puchi! Cheescake and Nascar!

Ever now and again I find odd little things that would make me happy( i.e. entertained). You know like shiny things, blingy thingies and what not. Cheescake makes me happy too, especially the extra large pieces of ones that have a myraid of flavors. Nascar, not so much..I got a spam mail the other day and it said Cheesecake and Nascar? Why? I don't know.. those things typically don't go hand and hand in my world. In fact Nascar has litlle to do with my world, except I saw Talledega Nights or was it called Talledega Days (Don't you put that on me Ricky Bobby!). Either way it had Will Farell in it..though his little imp Nora that he has used in some of his short online spoofs wasn't in it.

So here is the Puchi Puchi, it's like bubble wrap only better, it has different sounds and it comes on a keychain. Virtual bubble wrap. Genius I say, pure genius. It's 59.00 for 5 so that's not so nice. Maybe one of you loaded readers would like to send me one? I don't ask for cash in my blogging but gifts are greatly appreciated.

Bubblewrap toy set from Bandai. PuchiPuchi is designed to simulate the look, feel, and sound of popping bubblewrap, perhaps every geek's favorite pastime.Every 100 "pops" gives you a random sound including "door chime", "barking dog", "sexy voice", the eternal "fart" noise, and more! As an added bonus, among every 1000 pieces is a "puchi lucky" toy with a heart-shaped bubble.

Pre-order it here:

Puchi Puchi

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No Wire Hangers Ever!!

Well, that certainly made me feel better about my mood swings.

It Comed Off

Our little friend Amanda once said about her shoe: "It comed off!"

"What happened to your shoe?"

"It comed off!"

She's so cute. Today I'm sitting here blogging, er reading blogs and I hear a real soft "oh shit" from Honey in the bathroom. "What?" no answer from the bathroom. Whatever. The toilet is running so maybe it's not flushing right, he can deal with it. It's not like he yelled "Oh My Fucking God and Baby Jesus help us!"

Next thing I hear from Honey as he makes his way into then den," That trimmer works really well. It doesn't even plug in. " Apparently he tried to trim one long eyebrow hair and took off half of his eyebrow. Seriously. I look at him, and die laughing (hell, I'm still laughing). What happened to your eyebrow? "It comed off!" You can say that again. He looks like Inspector Brown from the game Clue?. "Quit raising that one eyebrow it makes it look funnier! I'm not raising my eyebrow! Are you sure? Cause it looks like you just walked into a room where everybody yelled "SURPRISE!" You know when you aren't happy about a surprise party so you try to figure out who to pummel first? I couldn't even look at him for three hours without laughing. I can look at him now. And I must say he's being a very good sport, he has made up about a dozen stories to tell to people if they ask..You know, I was cooking up some meth and blam! Oh I was checking my battery on my car and the acid bubbled up, I'm lucky I didn't lose and eye.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I could have had a V-8

So I've been tagged by Leigh Ann to post 8 random things about myself.

1) I like older men (especially Honey- he is my favorite)

2) I like to stay up all night long and go to sleep around 4 am then sleep till 11 (Honey does not like this) It's very peaceful and nobody intrudes, or you can go out and find all the parties just kicking into high gear (those days are over).

3) I'm very shy in a group of people, I'm best with a handful, kinda like nuts. Some are good for me, too many are bad.

4)I love to give gifts, but I hate sending packages or mail. I wish my family lived close by so I could spoil my nephews and niece on my side of the family.

5) I was deported from England. loooooong story

6) As a rule I don't swear unless I'm typing the word..I just don't pepper my conversations with them.

7) I have 10 fingers and ten toes

8) I could live in water, I like baths that much.

Happy Good Monday! (I think I'm gonna throw up)

The depression has subsided and I'm now on warp speed. The roller coaster of my very own. No more click, click,click...chink... okay, I wanna get off now... click, click, click, chink , I can't do,click,click..... Seriously, let me off to the highest peak of dread and excitement and all those other emotions looming large. Now, It's all whee!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Whee!!!! O My Gawd! I'm gonna die..wheeeeeeee!!!!! Mommy! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA wheeeeeeeee!!! Giggle! This is freaking awesome dude! ...Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! whoosh, spin, ahhhhhhhh. That was great.

Now it's time for today's game! The Dexa Scan, also known as a bone scan. Bring it on, this is a cake walk, and at 33, I doubt they will find anything but titanium embedded into various bones from stupid accidents in my 20's. So jewelry has all been taken off, clothes will have no metal pieces, no underwire bras...

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Anna Nicole Smith used her weight as a money maker, Now Paris Hilton aims to use her own line of hair extensions as a money maker. They look very eerily alike.

Photo of Paris holding boxes of her new line... Kinda like Anna Nicole Smith wore a TrimSpa nameplate necklace.

Things (Sharon Stone) that make you go HMMMM..

Sharon, Sharon... what happened to you? You need to sue your plastic surgeon or maybe just eat more. I'm so very sad by this...

Looking for My Mojo

I've become obsessed with wanting to travel, it's two months away from our vacation (a 8 day 7 night cruise through the Western Carribean) , and I'm already planning the next few trips..

In "Spider's Nest Blues" by Hattie Hart and the Memphis Jug Band, Hart wants to go to New Orleans to get her toby (mojo) "fixed" because she is "having so much trouble" -- the mojo is protective and its power is wearing off, as witnessed by the "bad luck" she is having.

So here is my list of places to look:

1) New York City (preferrably around Christmas time, but that's not going to happen, honey will be out of vacay days)

2) A Meditterean Cruise in June 2008 for Mom's 70th Birthday.

3) Paris any time as soon as possible (i.e. the next couple of years)

3) Anywhere but here.. preferrably today. Unfortunately, I have too many Doctor's appointments and tests scheduled.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Sad Mommy

I can remember a time when my mom was once very sad, I found her in her room crying and she wouldn't or couldn't tell me what was wrong. I went to get my oldest sister as I was no more than 8 or whatever age you are in 2nd grade. My oldest sister was in high school at the time, she had me make a card for mom and we went to her room to give it to her and she just sobbed harder. I felt so helpless and confused. I imagine that she feels the same way when I get sad, helpless and confused. It's something that can't just be fixed. You can't snap your fingers, you can't go eat whatever, or be loved on. Those things help for ummm say a minute, maybe two. You just have to fasten your seat belt and try to chill.

There is a lot more to my little story, someday I'll flesh it out, but not right this year. And probably not on a blog, I am just trying right now to do free association blogging.. with and without details. I can share my story but not others even if I am a part of it.


As in irrational. I almost bought 20 lbs of Dead Sea Salt (Chamomile infused) off eBay last night. I had wicked crazy dreams again last night. I can pull a Mercedes Roadster one of the SLK editions out of a ditch with my bare hands , get the dent fixed and return it to you before you even noticed I took it out of the parking garage. Don't worry I had permission to drive it. Today, I pulled myself out of bed to meet friends for lunch and also to fight with the mail order prescription people again. The stop at the local pharmacy (to get the one particular and most crucial medicine I need right now) of course couldn't do what the mail order rx people said they could do...luckily they have the sweetest girl there who knows pretty much everything about me, like bra size and all. She said go ahead and go, I leave at three. ( get back and after lunch and they worked it out to terms I could live with. I pay now, send them the receipt they pay me later..I have enough of that icky stuff for another week until my mail order gets here)

So now I'm late and have to sit in the seat that nobody else wanted. I hate that, I have my seat that I ALWAYS sit in. I'm never late! It was a rowdy bunch today or so it seemed to me, I couldn't wait to get out of there. I couldn't follow a damn thing thing they said. I've got about 6 gazillion trains of thought barreling through my one time. I was once asked my sis and brother in law how many trains of though they had in their head at any given time. BIL said one. Huh? And I just finished the Carl Hiaason novel "Nature Girl" and the main character would have two songs that would play at the same time in her head and they called her crazy... this is not boding well for me today. 'Cause there is allot more than two songs playing in my head right now, it's more like a high school prom with music and chattering. The high school seems to be right next door to a night club with another different song and a whole other set of chattering..

So today's question is how many trains have you got going through your head at any given moment? Are you a Grand Central Station or are you a once a day train in a country town?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mapquest Can't Find Here Or There

When people say they are there for you..where exactly is "there?".

When people say they are here for you.. does that mean they are in "living hell" with me?

When people say they have to go..where in the world do all these people actually go?

Everybody just stand still for a minute

I feel guilty for being sad and emotionally unavailable.

The News Is So Sad

Oh! The horror and the tragedy of the news on a daily basis.

While surfin through the online Celeb Gossip Mags... This pic was by far the most disturbing one of them all, It actually beat out Lindsay Lohan's blue shoes and bikini shot. Speaking of shot, they both should be, they have no shame to their game..

The Grand Funk of Railroads

I'm sad. It just happens sometimes. The brain slips slowly into a deep funk, so quickly and stealthy after that, it dawns on me that I am very sad. Depressed, lethargic, irritable... the smallest thing feels like a mountain. I can't move mountains. It's as rainy as a monsoon passing through, it fits my mood. I'm wet, I'm cold, I want to curl up with my blankie and watch mindless TV, not any shows that I follow, because really I can't pay attention right now. I need something just to stare at. I'm bored, I'm restless, I don't have the motivation to do anything about it though. Conundrum. What do you do when you are sad??

Conundrum, a puzzle or a riddle designed to test for lateral thinking

Lateral thinking is a term coined by Edward de Bono, a Maltese psychologist, physician and writer. It first appeared in the title of his book The Use of Lateral Thinking, published in 1967. De Bono defines lateral thinking as methods of thinking concerned with changing concepts and perception. Lateral thinking is about reasoning that is not immediately obvious and about ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.

Clinical depression, or major depressive disorder, a state of intense sadness, melancholia or despair that has advanced to the point of being disruptive to an individual's social functioning and/or activities of daily living

funk (countable and uncountable; plural funks) (countable) mental depression (uncountable) A state of fear or panic, especially cowardly

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

American Woman.Bow Chicka Bow Bow

Yay! It's almost the 4th of July! Here at TTQ's house and we will be doing the following: not BBQ'ing, not setting off fireworks, not going to the beach. I know, I know how can we be so very unpatriotic? Well, we will celebrate by reading the Declaration Of Independence after pledging allegiance to the flag of course. Oh and did I mention the period costumes? I'm going to be Betsy Ross. Honey is going to be Ben Franklin. Honey just loves that grey powdered wig and the cute little satin Capri's with stockings. And a Cravet. And I get to bake an apple pie and work on my quilting.

Somehow Marie Antionette ended up in this picture which is kinda funny in itself, but she looks a lot sexier than Betsy Ross so I'm going have to go with that one. Next year I totally want to be the Statue of Liberty. I mean this girl ROCKS! Look how proud she is with her torch, and those braids..

Bow Chicka Bow Bow! 'Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka' !

The Macking Site of Bow Chicka Bow Wow (and every other similar type songs)

Monday, July 02, 2007

rated r

not really, but I like the image.


Starbucks is evil. Very evil. Last summer I got hooked on Tangerine and Pomegrante Tazo Tea Frappucinos. Being as we live in Florida it looked like they were going to carry them all year round, but I was sadly mistaken, the stores just carried them until they no longer had the makings for it. This year, I have given up my Starbucks habits, Honey brings me my coffee in bed or leaves it on my desk for me ( he goes out for it ). Very spoiled, I know. Though this morning the doughnut was missing, which is fine by me. But it is hotter than hell this week and after meeting friends at lunch, I headed to Pier One, which has a Barnes and Noble next door. I figured a Tangerine Frappucino would be awesome about now. Wait, it's not on the menu. I don't want a iced coffee I want my tea and juice blended till icy. I really don't want this years Promo drink.

Raspberry Mocha Frappuccino® Blended Coffee
Very sad. Very very sad. Seriously sad. I wentto 7-11 and got a Crystal Light Berry Pomegrante Slurpee extra extra large . $1.39. It wasn't half bad. And much, much cheaper, in fact I could get 4 of them for the price of one Frappucino. 7-11, you rock.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Is there a Doctor in the house?

I had a few series of nightmares last night , a few of them are still lingering in my head. One I had to work in this huge supermarket which was suppose to be one of those yucky yucky discount (i.e. almost expired food) stores but instead it was stocked with high end gourmet foods and I got around like I was on the roller skating tennis shoes, only there were no wheels, I just did the Tom Cruise Risky Business slide instead. My mom was the manager, but she couldn't show favoritism and she had a penchant for silk shirts Ala the 80's. My ex-boyfriend also made an appearance and discarded me like yesterday's newspaper. That wasn't so bad, I kinda had that coming for the way I ended things after 6 years, but really he deserved it. I also had a new boyfriend who worked in the store but I think he was married and again there was no fooling around at work as he was one of my superiors. Nobody else at the store liked me very much, in fact I think I remember them plotting to kick my ass and if I went to stock an aisle they were on they would all move away to continue their ambush plans. So that dream wasn't really one of the nightmares, it was just odd, I would like to shop at that store if one should ever open though.

The other dream is that I had a Doctor's visit in which he gave me three prescriptions two of which were totally unreadable and one that the diagnosis said "Fatal Morbidity". He was in a hurry to get off on vacation with his family, I was at his house in the front lawn. He also signed the prescriptions with the name of Kim something or another. Even if he were a woman, his name wouldn't be Kim, trust me on that one. He would be more of a Chis, I think. After he hands me the prescriptions the dream sorta petered out, I think I was waking up and wondering what the hell Fatal Morbidity is, if it even exists. I've been googling in it, but I'm still not sure what it means. It seems you can have a fatal disease that is listed as a type of morbidity (death) which is confusing, if you have a fatal illness, isn't it almost 99% that morbidity will follow? And if you should have non-fatal morbidity you are the 1% that doesn't die from the disease? Seems rather like a redundant term..

Anybody good at dream interpretations or medical definitions? Your guess is as good as mine so fire away anything on your mind.
Oh and the doughnut man is back (hence today's picture)...Honey is bringing me a doughnut with my coffee in the morning again. Just when I had weaned myself off the Blueberry Fritters, he brought one yesterday and today was a great Boston Creme Crumb Cake Muffin. It was awesome, it had goo inside (just one little pocket) and chocolate was drizzled over the crumb cake topping and the cake itself was sooo moist..